Source Material

Official documents

a passenger list provided by the Transvaal Indian Congress

The official passenger list Of the S.S.Tilawa from the 31 December 1942.

received from the Transvaal Indian Congress.

The story of Ahmed Essa Bobat.

Received from his son, Yoosuf Bobat.

Newspaper Articles

A newspaper article on the riddle of the S.S.Tilawa

A newspaper article Titled “The Riddle of The S.S.Tilawa.”

Published in the Sunday Times in 2001.

a newspaper article of the 65th anniversary of the sinking of the S.S.Tilawa

A Newspaper article on sinking of the the S.S.Tilawa.

Published on the 65th anniversary of it’s sinking in the Laudium Sun in 2007.

A newspaper article on the story of Casim Mohomed Sema

A newspaper article on the story of Moulana Casim Mohomed Sema.

Published in a local news publication in Johannesburg.